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Our Webhosting Packages

Start Up £3 a month / £36pa

Enough for about 500 visitors a month*, plenty for a small business or personal website.

Service Upper limit
Bandwidth 3000MB
Storage 3000MB
Mailboxes 30
FTP Logins 3
Databases 3
Subdomains 3
Email Lists 3

*Based on estimates. Site visitor numbers are not limited or monitored.

If you go over your limits your service won't stop, just upgrade when you're ready.

Unlimited £6 a month / £72pa

As much as you need. For high traffic websites, businesses and organisations that need unlimited everything.

Service Upper limit
Bandwidth Unlimited
Storage Unlimited
Mailboxes Unlimited
FTP Logins Unlimited
Databases Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Email Lists Unlimited

If you plan to host a lot of video, music or large image files on your site then this is the package for you.