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Hosting Explained

Webhosting can be daunting to the uninitiated so to get you started here are some explanations of common words and terms that you will see used throughout this site.

Domain Name
A Domain Name is an URL or web address. For example: '' (often the 'www.' is optional nowadays).
Domain Names are registered/bought via a Domain Provider.
Domain Provider
Also known as a Domain Name Registrar. This is a company that will manage the registration and renewal of your Domain Name and its Nameserver settings. It can be separate from your Web Hosting Provider so shop around for the best deal and service.
hubhosting is a Domain Provider and a Web Hosting Provider.
Web Hosting Provider
hubhosting is a Web Hosting Provider. Pretty much does what it says on the tin - it's where you get your web hosting.
Web Hosting
Web Hosting is a collection of services that enable people to have their own website. Typically the services offered include some storage space for files and folders, databases and email as well as a whole range of other features.
Simply put, every website needs to be 'hosted' on a server so it can be accessed via the internet.
Mostly in this context we will be talking about a Web Server. Websites consist typically of files in a folder on a computer. The computer is always on and connected to the internet with a fast upload speed connection. These computers are typically called Servers. This is mainly because they are running Server software such as 'Apache'. They 'serve' the necessary files to a visitor's browser when they visit that website.

You'll see other types of server mentioned such as FTP server, Mail Server and so on. These are often on the same physical machine but require different software Servers, so they have different address so that we get the right one. eg. and
This is a quick and easy way to change which Web Hosting Provider (and thus which Web Server) your Domain Name points to. This means you can have different companies be your Domain Provider and Hosting Provider.
Domain Reference
Web Hosting packages need a Domain Name. If you don't yet have a Domain Name or have a Domain Name with another Domain Provider you can give your Web Hosting package at hubhosting a Domain Reference. It is a pretend, temporary Domain Name you can use until you get a real one sorted out.
DNS settings are the finer technical details that are required to link your Domain Name to the Web Server where your website is located. It can also be used to do all kinds of redirection for other services such as email but unless you know what you're doing, leave it as it is.
hubhosting have the DNS settings all set up automatically and these are all taken care of if you decide to change Nameservers.
An IPS tag defines which Domain Provider you pay to manage the renewal of your Domain Name. Changing your domains IPSTAG transfers your Domain Name between Domain Providers. You need to permission from your current provider to change this.
hubhosting's IPSTAG is 'EXTEND'.
Stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the method for transferring files securely between your computer and your Web Server. You'll need some software called an 'FTP Client' to do this. There are many good free ones available!
Another acronym! This one stands for Content Management System. It is a website that allows you to edit and manage your website's content by logging in through your browser (online). Wordpress , Drupal, Indexhibit and Joomla are all Content Management Systems. We like them because they make life easier, you can easily manage and update your own website instead of paying somebody else to. (Although some CMS systems are big and take time to learn, and a little complicated).